A girl at night, a monster by day.

Aislinn is a Korrigan, doomed to exist in the dark. Only by Life-Stealing can she keep her human shape from dawn to dusk… without days stolen from humans, she takes on monster form each time the sun rises.

But what Aislinn really wants, more than days in the sunlight, is the freedom to make her own choices. When the Far Darrig, a charming Fae trickster, offers her freedom and power, it may be too much to resist.

And there are other forces in the world… powers older and more deadly than the Far Darrig himself.



In this young adult contemporary fantasy trilogy, a cursed girl discovers that love, freedom, and power come in many forms… some of them dangerous and unexpected.

If you love books by Holly Black, Sarah J. Maas, Shea Ernshaw, and others, you’ll enjoy the Secrets of the Fae trilogy.

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